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Dallas McGlinn

WIN_20150307_154045Dallas McGlinn, MA, MSW, LMSW, was born and raised in New Orleans.  She is the founder of this site and the Publisher of Gathering Magazine.  Dallas has worked as a Paralegal for most of her career, but changed careers in mid life to become a Social Worker.  Currently, Dallas is working in the field of hospice care. 

In 2010, out of a passion for community issues, Dallas decided to start Gathering Magazine.  With two Master’s Degrees (Sociology and Social Work), she has studied many community issues in depth.  She served as Director of Outreach at a church plant and has enjoyed working with several churches by helping to establish community outreach ministries.  She also helped some churches in the rebuilding process after Hurricane Katrina. She has always enjoyed working with people – especially by helping them to find their gifts so that they can find fulfillment in serving others.  Dallas is the author of most of the articles on this website (which we hope inspire you), Diving In, a church curriculum designed to motivate people to become involved, and What’s Next, which is a guide for practicing spiritual disciplines for people who are new to the Christian faith.  

Dallas enjoys photography — telling stories with her camera. She has photographed many outreach events (which you can find on her Facebook page), from Galas to Christmas meals and school supply giveaways. Most of the photos accompanying her articles were taken by Dallas.

Currently Dallas is busy serving on boards, doing social work, and writing a memoir.  Dallas has a long list of nonprofits that she wants to write about, and be looking for those to come soon. Hopefully you will be inspired to support those nonprofits or to start one of your own.  

Gathering Magazine has had a lot of support from others, including Teena L. Myers, publisher of the nola.com faith blog and author of Finding Faith in the City that Care Forgot.  Some of the articles on this site were contributed by Teena, and on those articles her authorship has been noted.  

Gathering Magazine has had numerous contributions from gifted photographers, most notably Susan Yancich Hope and Cyndi McMurray.  

Our past issues have had a variety of contributors, including Kevin Brown, Ph.D. from Trinity Christian Community (his articles are still available to read on this website and others are available upon request).  

Gathering Magazine has enjoyed the loving support of many volunteers, including Vivian Dugas, who originated the idea of a faith-based magazine called Gathering, and Sherita Cenac, who donated her marketing expertise out of the pure joy of serving.  

If you are interested in contributing your time, gifts and talents to Gathering Magazine, and if you have a similar vision for the awesome things that we can do to make our community a better place, contact us.  

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