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Recommended Reading and Other Resources

Recommended Reading and Other Resources

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Here are some things I’ve read that inspired me, as well as some links to other resources.  

Do you ever wonder why large stores become larger while mom and pop stores are going out of business?  This is supercapitalismone question that is answered in Robert Reich’s book, Supercapitalism.  How much do our buying habits impact the economy? Is the lowest price the most important thing to consider?  Do we have any control over the direction of economic growth? What really causes companies to lay people off?  Robert Reich writes about economics in a way that every person can understand.  This book will make you think about how your purchasing and saving habits contribute to the economic system.  Economics is about more than jobs jobs jobs, it’s about the decisions that people like you and I make every day.  I recommend this book because in order to help our community, it is helpful to understand how things work. This is written from an interesting perspective that is easy and fun to read. 



I had the pleasure of hearing Michelle Alexander speak at a conference. I highly recommend that everyone read this book.  We know there is a crime problem, we know there is a poverty problem, we know that the U.S. has more people in prison than any other country, we know that some prisons are being privatized and have become money-making machines that have no incentive to make sure people don’t return to prison.  And we know that a disproportionate amount of people who are in prison are African American and Hispanic.  No matter what your political pursuasion is, this book contains important information for all of us to consider.


I high recommend that everyone should read the letter that Dr. Martin Luther King wrote from the Birmingham jail.  We have heard and loved is words, but I’ve never read a document that contained so much thought-provoking wisdom. Please take a minute to read it by clicking here.  I promise you will be touched and inspired.


Bill Hybels – Volunteer Revolution

Bill Hybels Volunteer Revolution


People usually don’t tell me that they would like to see something being done, because I will usually challenge them to do it.  That is what this book is all about.  It’s about starting a volunteer revolution in your church, but it applies to every situation. Do you see someone who needs help?  Do you have a passion for a certain issue?  After reading this book, you will be encouraged to take that first step of service in your church or in your community.  Easy to read, motivating, encouraging and full of some GREAT ideas for community outreach.   



 Are you interesting in publishing?  The publishing world has changed a lot in the past few years.  Read all about it from someone who has experienced the Christian publishing industry first-hand.  You can buy the book by clicking here.  




Andy Stanley – Visioneering


One of my favorite quotes from this book:

“This world is filled with people who stopped one question short of finding an avenue that would allow them to pursue their vision. Don’t let the discouragement of a few slammed doors cause you to walk away from the vision God has birthed in your heart. Investigate. Look around. Think outside the lines. Few destinations have only one point of access. The same is true of your vision. If your initial approach is blocked, look for alternatives. Don’t give up too quickly. You may be one question away from discovering the key that will unlock the door that stands between you and God’s vision for your life. God will use this period of investigation to confirm, sharpen, and, sometimes, redirect your vision.”

‘If only I had $1 million dollars, I’d’…what would you do?  What are your dreams?  Andy Stanley says don’t wait for the $1 million.  If you have a vision worthy of pursuing, then pursue it.  The money will follow.  A very inspiring book!  


Information About Nonprofits:

You will learn a lot from the Louisiana Association of Nonprofits.  They advocate for local nonprofits and offer classes for individuals who are active or who are interested in becoming active in the nonprofit community in Louisiana.  Their website is:  

Here is a link to the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Website where you will be able to set up a nonprofit corporation.  Currently the cost is $75.  

Here is a link to the IRS, which will explain how to obtain 501(c)(3) (nonprofit) status:


Are you privileged?  Take this Quiz to test your “privileged status” – click here.  

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