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willpower_dog…something that comes and goes.  One day we are so proud of ourselves because we stuck to our diets, and the next day we blow it.  That’s where the phrase, “one day at a time” comes in.  If we tell ourselves we will never be able to eat foods we enjoy again, well, that’s just depressing.  And when we slip and eat something we aren’t supposed to, we kick ourselves to the curb.  They say we can eat anything we want, IN MODERATION.  Moderation – that’s the tough part!

For the past couple of years, I’ve been meeting my mom every Friday for lunch.  It was hard to stay on a diet because we would usually eat at a Chinese Buffet.  It’s hard to limit portions at an all-you-can-eat restaurant. Sadly, my mom is having difficulty with her legs, so for the past few weeks I’ve been taking lunch to her house.  She has been asking for roast beef poboys – one of my favorites!  So I’d pick up a couple of poboys, fries and/or onion rings and eat them with my mom.  But that wasn’t the worst part.  My mom’s house is snack heaven – or snack heck, depending on your perspective.  On any given day, she has bowls filled with chocolate bars, bags of potato chips, my favorite kind of ice cream bars, and lately she’s been buying apple pie.  So, every week, after my poboy I would enjoy desserts.  Not dessert…desserts.  

This morning I called my mom and said I’m going to McAllisters and we are having salad today.  I made up my mind that I would not eat any snacks, but I did treat myself to a cup of chili with my salad.  We ate our meal (this is good for my mom too).  After we were done, my mom said “I believe we have the ice cream bars you like in the freezer.”  I said “no thanks.”  “Well, how about some apple pie, I bought another one.”  “No thanks.”  “I believe I have another kind of pie too you might like.”  “Noooo thank youuuuu.”  “You don’t want anything?”  “NOOOOOOOO THANK YOU.”

Copy of salad
McAllisters’ Savannah Salad and Chili

Actually, my niece is coming to town tomorrow and my sister is cooking a roast and mashed potatoes (some of my favorites) at my mom’s house.  So, it was a little bit easy to say no TODAY because I was thinking I will be enjoying a good meal TOMORROW.

This helped me to realize that sometimes, if we think ahead, we won’t eat what’s in front of us, because we will recall that we may have a more enjoyable meal coming in the next few days, and we can wait. In other words, we can eat what we want IN MODERATION.  And we will enjoy our meals more when they are a real treat that is enjoyed every now and then instead of every day. Because let’s face it, every day we have temptations. And I wasn’t perfect today, I had chili.  But I made some healthy choices and I said NO to sweets and bread, just for today.  So, next time you are tempted by something that’s right in front of you, say no thanks, I can wait.  

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