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Who We Are 2014

The mission of EOSO is to foster motivated, confident and responsible children by providing mentor based programming and to support new and existing organizations by recruiting, training, screening, placing and supporting volunteer mentors.

What We Do

Each One Save One provides school and community based mentoring programs to children in public schools and neighborhoods in the Greater New Orleans area.  We work directly with school counselors and community organizations to find children that want to benefit from a mentor relationship.  We provide fully trained and screened adults that give themselves as healthy role models for children in grades 3-12.  And in the spirit of our mission Each One Save One also serves as professional expertise for other organizations that wish to mentor children but do not currently have a set-up for their in-house mentoring programs.

Why Our Work Is Important and Planning for the Future

In order to fulfill our mission we must look at some of the key reasons children in our communities may be unmotivated and lack the confidence to become responsible citizens and leaders in their communities. A key indicator to future success is high school graduation.

A study conducted by Communities In Schools and the National Dropout Prevention Center at Clemson University identified predictive risk factors that lead to school dropout. The report states that no risk factor is more pronounced than any other as an indicator of drop-out, but the more risk factors in the youth’s life the higher occurrence of drop out.  The risk factors included:


  • Substance abuse;
  • Criminal behaviors;
  • Lack of self-esteem;
  • Poor school performance/Grade retention;
  • Absenteeism;
  • Discipline problems at school;
  • Low educational expectations/Lack of plans for education beyond high school; and
  • Lack of interaction with extracurricular activities.
  • Teen parenthood

According to mentoring.org, other external risk factors exist for dropping out, such as gender, socioeconomic status, level of parental education, involvement with child welfare services, living in a single parent home and having a parent in prison. Given that the more risk factors a student faces the more likely he/she is to drop out, we can theorize that interventions such as mentoring aimed at reducing these alterable risk factors will be successful at preventing students from dropping out.

“Mentoring by a caring adult over a prolonged period of time has been shown in countless academic studies to be effective in combating these risk factors. A number of studies have revealed a correlation between a young person’s involvement in a quality mentoring relationship and positive outcomes in the areas of school, mental health, problem behavior and health (DuBois & Karcher, 2005; Rhodes, 2002; Zimmerman, Bingenheimer & Behrendt, 2005).”[1]

EOSO in the Community

History: Each One Save One began its journey as a 501(c)3 in 1995 since that time EOSO has trained thousands of volunteer citizens to mentor in their schools, churches and communities.  EOSO has embarked on new journey with MentorNOLA and is currently the largest one-to-one mentoring program in the Greater New Orleans area serving 110 youth in our schools.

Standards: Each One Save One also represents a growing movement of organizations who wish to provide an unparalleled quality of service to the youth we serve and the volunteers who support our organization.  In that spirit EOSO has focused on the quality of youth service and oversight; we have begun work with partner organizations through New Orleans Kids Partnership to develop core mentor standards and move towards a statewide mentoring effort.  EOSO has adopted and serves as a model organization for the 11 mentor standards.


Schools: EOSO Serves as of 2013

Dibert Elementary/Middle School

Dwight D Eisenhower Elementary/Middle

KIPP Leadership Elementary

Langston Hughes Elementary School

Delores T Aaron (Sara T Reed) Elementary/Middle

Success Preparatory Elementary

Sci-Tech Academy Elementary/Middle

Clark High School

EP Harney Spirit Elementary

Ella Dolhonde Elementary

Craig Elementary

Belle Chasse High

Arthur Ashe Elementary and Middle

Schools Asking for Service for 2014 school year:

John MacDonough

Sci High Academy

NET Charter High School

Organizations We Serve and Train Include:

Warm Hands Warm Hearts Lutcher Louisiana

City Year

First Line Schools Professional Development Course on Mentoring

SABIS Academy Professional Development Care for the Caregiver

Each One Save One is currently comprised of 3 different programs that enable us to achieve our mission:

1)      MentorNOLA:  this program consist of recruiting, screening, training, placing and supporting volunteer mentors for EOSO’s school and community based mentor mission.  This program seeks to work with individuals and groups that have the desire to provide our one-on-one relationships to students in schools. Our MN program offers training, screening, and support for both volunteer mentors and the youth that we serve.  Field trips and projects in 2013 included: Barataria State Park, Zephyr’s Game, Hornets’ Game, LA Children’s Museum, High School Bowling at Rock n’ Bowl, outing to the Port of New Orleans with boat ride, 1st Annual Picnic and Zoo Day, NORDC Art Project, and Rwanda Pen Pals project.

2)      Making a Difference Community Training Program: this program provides training and professional assistance to organizations that are seeking their 501c3 (or have fiscal sponsorship) and have liability insurance but not the expertise to start or continue an existing mentor program.  This program also allows individuals that wish to mentor for other parties to attend the EOSO for $10.  These individuals receive and attendance certificate, however we do not certify them to mentor under the EOSO credentials.

3)      Uplift Professional Development Initiative:  Each One Save One has been recognized as a support system for professional youth service providers by the Greater New Orleans Foundation.  Through a grant we are providing support to youth service professionals by placing volunteer mentors within the school systems and providing professional development training to schools who wish to know more about mentoring and the services that surround mentoring.

4)    GRoW Healthy Initiatives Mentor Pilot Program:  Currently EOSO is partnering with NOKP and Blue Cross Blue shield to provide healthy mentoring partnerships at Arthur Ashe and GRoW Saturdays. The mentors engage in a series of healthy activities from food choices to exercise.  This program is scheduled to run through 2014.

Setting Goals for the Students We Serve 

Since 2010 EOSO has tried to gather data and track the following outcomes we hoped that long-term mentoring produced:

1)      Improved Academic Success

2)      Improved Interpersonal Relationships (with teachers, peers and students)

3)      Reduce school drop-out and/or truancy rate

4)      Reduce Juvenile delinquency and or gang involvement

After tracking data I believe EOSO can go forward with the following program outcomes both short and long term with yearly reviews and updates. Please, see the attached proposed outputs/indicators/outcomes and long-term outcomes for Each One Save One’s programs.

Our Commitment

According to mentoring best practices EMT Group, “The (mentoring) organization needs to obtain insurance, office and meeting space, supplies, clerical assistance, communications equipment, refreshments, program incentives, event support, etc. Funding for these expenses, added to the costs of recruitment, fingerprinting and criminal background checks, and access to human relations expertise to help train and support mentors can cost between $400-$2,000 per match per year.  Generally the higher the at-risk factors that a mentee population has, the more money it takes to run the program. Efforts for high-risk youths need more thorough screening procedures, more comprehensive mentor training, and more intensive monitoring.”

Each One Save One needs to continue to seek alternative and innovative ways to generate revenue to fulfill our mission.  We are seeking partnerships with organization and businesses that share our vision of the future for the youth of the Greater New Orleans area.

Current Fund Development Projects

Grant Writing–last year’s grant awards over $32k.

Fundraisers—last year’s fundraisers grossed $47K netted $30k.

State Grants—2013 $50k and potential 2014 $25K

Individual Donors— In  2012 Robin Roberts was our largest individual donor at $50K

[1] Information on mentoring statistics can be found at mentoring.org

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