Acts of Kindness That Reap Great Returns

We really can make a difference without much effort at all. Here are some small things we can all do to make a huge difference.  One small act of kindness can lead to another. Soon, if there are enough people accomplishing these small courtesies, those blessings we bestow on others will return to us and will improve the world around us.

Here they are, in no particular order.  Do you have ideas for more of them? If so, click here and we will post them!

  1. In every situation, smile and say please and thank you.

  2. Send a card to someone you admire or love, telling them why you admire them or love them.

  3. When shopping or eating at a restaurant, don’t take the closest parking spot, leave that for someone who may be experiencing difficulty – you may be helping someone with small children, or who has a temporary injury.  Plus, you get to take a few extra steps and enjoy more exercise.

  4. If someone looks lost, stop and ask if you can help.

  5. At the grocery store, even if you don’t return your cart, move it out of the parking space so someone can easily park.

  6. Keep breakfast bars and bottles of water in your car; when you see a person in need, pass it on. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can keep packed lunches and hygiene packs in your car as well.

  7. Pick up the phone and call someone just to say hello.

  8. Drive courteously.  Use your blinker. Don’t break in line.  If you practice patience and courtesy, you will arrive at your destination in a much better mood and you will remove a lot of unnecessary stress from your life.  

  9. If you have a coupon you decide not to use, leave it next to the item in the grocery store for someone else to use.

  10. Offer to help an elderly person or a single parent with yard work or small repairs.

  11. Contact a lonely person and invite them to do something – coffee, a movie, dinner, a walk…

  12. Offer to babysit for parents who need an evening out.

  13. Offer to help an elderly or disabled person carry their shopping bags to their car.

  14. If you see an area with a lot of litter or that needs beautification, clean it up.

  15. Put the phone away and talk to the people around you when waiting in line, for a meeting to start or at a car dealership.

  16. Play peekaboo with a fussy baby in a grocery store line to help a parent out.  

  17. Pay someone a compliment.

  18. Listen to someone when they are talking. Really listen.

  19. Buy someone a gift for no reason.

  20. Teach someone something you know.

  21. Provide someone with an encouraging word, especially someone who is troubled.  Take the time to tell them something they did well instead of what they did wrong.  

  22. Tell your friends and family that you appreciate them for who they are and what they do for you.

  23. When you hear someone speaking negatively about other people, speak up and ask them to say something kind instead.

  24. Spend time with someone who is different from you – someone older, younger, of a different ethnicity. Find out their story, try to understand them.  Friends can be made all kinds of ways.

  25. Before posting something in social media, ask yourself if it’s kind or helpful to others.  Ask if it is true.  “I agree with this so it must be true” is not a factual argument.  

  26. Get to know some of your neighbors.

  27. Try to walk in someone else’s shoes – especially if you are mad at them. Usually if your understand them, the anger will disappear.

  28. Support a local business or nonprofit in some way.